Monday, August 23, 2010

365.103: God's Capacity to Think About You

So in class tonight, we watched a video of John Dawson (now International President of YWAM) speaking about the father heart of God.
And it was filmed in nineteen eighty nothing, possibly even in the 70s. Amazing nonetheless.

For example, he was explaining God's capacity to have individual thoughts about every person in the world constantly. I tend to think that it is just mystical and mysterious and that I could never hope to fathom the capacity.

But consider the mineral quartz for a minute (and forgive my non-scientific, elementary brain).

Now, all matter is composed of molecules that are vibrating at an incredible rate. The faster the molecules pulse back and forth, the harder that matter is. The molecules in quartz vibrate NINE BILLION times a SECOND. (Note: quartz isn't even the hardest matter; consider diamonds!) So God, who created quartz, has a mind that is capable of creating that, therefore able to think at least that fast.
Today there are a little more than seven billion people on the earth.
So God is more than capable to think about every person on the entire planet more than once a second.

Does that blow your mind like it did mine?

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  1. That really is so cool - and i want to come to school with you! :-) especially so i can have a babysitter who cleans my house . . . oh I'm kidding, I just want to hang out with you and learn cool stuff like this!