Saturday, August 28, 2010

365.108: Who Eats Like This?!

Every so often, Holden will totally shock me with a food request. This morning around 10am he marched in the kitchen and declared he was very hungry (apparently, scrambled eggs and toast don't keep a four-year-old full for more than an hour).
I gave him a choice of a peach or cottage cheese.
Instead, he chose raw spinach. What?! So i chopped the peaches on top of the spinach, and Holden grabbed a lime to squeeze on top of it all. Can I just say that it was actually delicious? Because it was! And you know a mama feels her best watching her boy eat his leafy greens!
Oh ps--the weird face and finger hook are apart of his new obsession with making funny faces for the camera.


  1. love it! feed him whatever he will eat. i love trying new things on olivia! :) the faces make it all worth it! :)