Friday, August 27, 2010

365.107: Perfect Day Addendum

One thing I forgot to include in my perfect day synopsis yesterday was that I went to Holden's preschool orientation last night! It was at 7pm, so I got permission to sneak out of Elevate and come right back when it was done.
I met Holden's teacher, Mrs. Wirth, and her assistant, Mrs. Holmes, and really loved them both. Mrs. Wirth seemed like she loved the kids so much already (she even got teary-eyed talking about her love and passion for the children), but she also seemed like she's gonna be strict enough to, ahem "benefit," Holden. I got to sit in his little seat and see his room. I got to take home his preschool tote bag and field trip t-shirt. This morning I told him that I had met his teacher and that she sent some presents for him: the bag, shirt, and his preschool folder that will go to school and come home with him every day. After carefully hanging the shirt in his closet by himself (his idea), he has carried the bag with the folder in it around all day.
The school has a mom who does monogramming and offered to monogram each child's name onto their bag for just $8. But let's face the facts. We are just not the mongramming type. So I brought that bag home and used stencils to paint his name on. I love how it turned out, and most importantly, so does Holden!

So next week Holden and I go together on Tuesday morning so he can meet Mrs. Wirth, see his classroom, find his cubby, and just get acclimated. Then Wednesday the 1st is my baby's first day of school! Pray for me! I might just lose it when I have to leave him there!


  1. MIGHT just lose it? Count on it....wear your waterproof mascara. And yes, I have already been praying for ALL of you for the 1st day. Even though T will LOVE his alone time with you, count how many times he asks about his big brother. Love you!

  2. I can't even imagine!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!! p.s. can i just say? I GET TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!!!!~Erica

  3. He is so cute and I love how you did his name! :-) ps-why does erica get to see you? i'm totally jealous