Monday, August 16, 2010

365.96: Delivery

Y'all are never gonna believe this.

Every year since kindergarten, my mom has made chocolate chip cookies for me (and my siblings) on the first day of school. And I do mean every year. Even when I went to UGA, Mom sent a tin of cookies in the mail to my dorm or apartment. (I have a picture to prove it from freshman year!) Even on my first day of Esthetics school.

And today, on my first day of training school at Antioch, look what was delivered to my doorstep:

What?! She is just too much. What a thoughtful Mom. I mean, if you need to go repent of being jealous that I have the best mom ever, I understand.

The boys are just dying to dive in, but I told them that they had to wait for Emily (the babysitter) to come over tonight and she could give them some after dinner.


  1. HA! I thought today, "Someone needs to make them cookies for today"! Mom is amazing!

  2. She is the best! And I am jealous!! ;)

  3. so so cool!!!!! I want to be that kind of a mom!! ~Erica

  4. Awww....thanks really is for BOTH Court AND Ryan. We considered flying back out there to bake the cookies, but thought better of's the least we could do to celebrate their first day of classes!

  5. I love it!! What a great idea!! Debi is the bomb!!

  6. Oh good gosh! That looks so so yummy! I love the shot of them waiting to eat it -- it's so cute.

    And i am definitely jealous.

    Have a happy day!!

    K xx --

  7. I spent my morning commute thinking about first day of school cookies...great idea, Debi!!