Friday, August 20, 2010

365.100: That's Right - ONE HUNDRED!

I cannot believe that I have been working on this Project 365 for one hundred days now!

Alright, fess up: who among you bet that I would give up by day 27? (Because I know I did!)

These hundred days have been such an amazing journey. Since the first post, we've moved from my parents' house to a hotel to our new house in Waco. I've had sad days and happy days. I've experienced firsts and watched God meet our needs in crazy ways.

In honor of day 100, here are a hundred ways you can pray for us.

Just kidding. Neither you nor I have that kind of time right now! But f'real, here are some ways you can pray:
  • We are about to head out the door for our orientation retreat. Pray that the boys would LOVE being there and all the activities they have planned with the childcare. Pray for safety while driving and during the retreat. Pray that God would meet us in new ways and reveal more of Himself to us.
  • For Turner and Holden to do well with our babysitters (Emily and Meghan). This first week was full of disobedience and quite a struggle at bedtime.
  • That we would be faithful and ambitious in fulfilling the expectations at Elevate.
  • For us to continue to make new friends and grow into deep relationship.
Thanks so much!


  1. Very exciting! I was praying for you all and orientation just this morning and will continue all weekend! Love you!

  2. Ooooh very exciting.

    Have a glorious day :)

    K x