Monday, September 6, 2010

365.117: Memory Verses

Broken Voices headed out of Waco this afternoon. We're sad. But we crammed in a full day of quality time before they had to go!

The boys having breakfast this morning, after their spend-the-night:

Some coloring on the front porch:

Pool time at the hotel:
(This is their Super Hero poses.)

Then we went out to lunch before they got on the road. It was such a great weekend for us!

So in unrelated news, if you glance over to the right side of the screen, you'll see that I am now updating my memory verses for each week. Wanna memorize some with me?? The killer thing about these verses is that at the end of Elevate, after almost a year of memorizing three verses a week, we have to sit down and write every single one from memory. What?! I am totally trusting God to give my mind the supernatural ability to do this.

I stink at anything long-term memory dependent. For example, my best friend Becca Meloy (don't be confused--two of my best friends are both named Becca), anyways Becca Meloy and I went to high school together, and I totally rely on her as the keeper of my memories. She is my perfect complement, with a mind like a steel trap. So whenever I want to take a trip down memory lane I can just call her for a recap of events that seem only vaguely familiar to me. It's like hearing about your own life for the first time!

But back to the verses, you will see that this week I chose the absolute shortest options on the list. We didn't have class this past Monday (which is when we normally write out our verses) so we are having to write all six out next Monday. Which is really just the tiniest glimpse of recalling all bazillion of them at the end of the year. I was having enough trouble with last week's rather wordy verses (vines and branches can get so tangled up), so I went ahead and copped out this week with one-liners and the ever-so-common John 3:16. But hey, it is all the word of God and all good to have in your heart, am I right?


  1. You are SO right....and the Lord will allow you to recollect them when you need them...not just for the writing part, but mostly for the heart part. You and Ryan will do great (of course, Mr Photographic Memory will get them pronto)!!!!