Thursday, September 9, 2010

365.120: This is Tough

OK, so I'm just gonna be real with y'all.

Holden is not doing well in preschool. Like, at all.

Almost every day he has had serious trouble following instructions and obeying, and then today he got his behavior card turned to "Boo-Hoo Blue," which is as bad as it gets, for trying to cut a kid with scissors! What?! He is a sweet kid who is kind and compassionate to others. He got sent to the office, and told me that when the administrator asked if he was ready to obey, he honestly responded, "No, not yet." Hearing this kinda made my blood boil. Who is this kid who could care less if he gets in trouble? I mean, I know we've had an obedience battle at home since the day he turned two, but I remember being absolutely mortified as a kid to be called out and get in trouble. Holden is not me. And from what I hear (from Ryan), he is a whole lot like his Dad as a child.

I have done a lot of crying the past two days, and even more praying. I was so hopeful for a good day today, especially after reading the story of Saul's transformation to Paul with Holden during breakfast. How Jesus changed him. And we prayed together all morning. And I gave him four spankings before school even started.

So I feel like I'm at a loss. I am giving each day, each moment to the Lord, letting Him tell me exactly what to do. His consequences today are new and more severe than ever before (in room all day with no toys, spankings, no treats like honey on his yogurt, even his favorite toy thrown away!) And I've received a lot of good words from friends. This one from my Elevate friend, Jessica Cash, was especially good:

Consider this: God is a perfect parent and even his children don't obey.


  1. courtney. i taught pre-k for 5 years. i had some wonderful kids throughout the years. and even those wonderful children would disobey throughout the school year. and most of the times that those "wonderful children" would disobey was when something was going on at home: like a move for example. he is probably having a hard time transitioning and accepting the move because it is huge for a 4 year old! i will be praying for him and for you. you are a wonderful mom, dont second guess yourself and trust your instinct. a lot of my kids took a whole month or more to acclimate to school: new schedule, new discipline, new teachers, new friends, etc. it is a huge change for him and he just might take some time to adjust. keep open communication with his teachers! so key to his success! be open and honest with them, with holden and with yourself! you will get through this, he will survive and eventually he will be listening as well. :) good luck. im praying too! sweet holden will be listening and behaving in no time. blessings on you sweet friend!

  2. I love you and your sweet Holden - and I know you are doing a great job . . . even when you don't FEEL like you're doing a good job - cause you are. You are ALWAYS the first person I think to ask when I have questions about being Jayci's mom . . . because you're a fantastic mom and you follow the Lord's leading in everything you do, which is the best thing you can do as a mom! Hang in there friend!

  3. You guys are doing all the right things. This is VERY normal for his age and for what he has experienced over the past couple of months. Love him while you are doing...he will be fine. You both are GREAT in that and in the Lord's leading. Holdie is a sweet boy who is learning his boundaries. Ok....big prayer time for Mrs. Wirth and Mrs. Holmes!