Saturday, September 11, 2010

365.122: Flowers and Lists

Holden went on a little walk around the block with his Daddy and his Phoebe (our dog) this morning. When they got back, he was so excited to give me some wild flowers he had picked for me. He kept saying, "I brought you these flowers because I want you to be happy." What sweet words for a Mama to hear!

Later today Holden wanted to write his own grocery list. I so wish that I had taken a close-up of his paper so you could see all the words he wrote! I helped him sound out everything, and figure out the words that aren't phonetically spelled. (PS, of all the words in the English language, shouldn't the word "phonetically" be spelled how it sounds?!) This is the face he makes (and taps his chin with the pencil) when he's thinking. He also did an impersonation of what his teacher looks like when she's thinking. He wrote:

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