Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365.119: Happy Birthday Esther

So today is my sweet, amazing, beautiful sister-in-law Esther's birthday! I'm a little blue about it, though, because this is the first family party or holiday we will have missed being in Texas.
This is Esther when I talked her into being my model for a makeup photo shoot!
(Note: this is not my photography, just my makeup.)
All the Turner siblings moments after my brother Clark proposed! (Cameron and Esther had flown to Los Angeles to visit Ryan and me for a little vacation. Clark secretly flew in after a few days, popped out of the bushes at the Getty Center and popped the question!)

Es re-enacting her surprised face at her surprise birthday party a couple years ago. Love it.

The whole family at my parents' birthday dinner at Seasons 52. Which was also a surprise. Hmmm...I'm beginning to see a theme with Turners and surprises!

Esther, I LOVE you and count myself blessed and fortunate to have you as my sister for the rest of our lives! And I cannot wait to see you guys in Waco in a couple weeks!!

Happy Birthday Esther!


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS. You are so thoughtful and sweet, thank you for being such a great sister and loving me so well. I am so stinkin lucky to call you my family and I want you to know I love you very much!!!
    P.S. I declined a formal Turner "birthday celebration," so you haven't missed anything yet!!! Now that I think about it, it was subconsciously in protest that you and the boys (Ryan is included in "the boys" just in case that's not clear)aren't here :). Miss you court, cant WAIT to see you soon!

  2. In lieu of a formal BD celebration, your Dad and I surprised Es (kind of) last night for an early BD with balloons, gift, and her favorite TCBY with sprinkles. Clark helped us out a bit (we stopped by after their dinner out), and we had a great time of celebration and chat (as much as we could without Cam and the McCormick's there anyway).